• the need for timely appointments
  • the management referral process.
  • the importance of communication and updates
  • there are multiple clients being served
  • the dynamics of the workplace

Welcome to EAPage.com

An Employee Assistance Program is not only beneficial to the Employer; an effective EAP can make a world of difference to the employees who take part in the program. In some cases, connecting with help through an EAP makes a life-changing difference for employees who otherwise would not accessed help. The ways an Employee Assistance Program aids the worker varies according to the specifics of the plan. However, several advantages for employees are common among most EAP’s.

EAPage.com a confidential, short term, counselling service for employees with personal problems that affect their work performance.

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Employers- Looking for an EAP or related service? Your are at right Place.

Some typical areas of support offered by an Employee Assistance Program include

Substance abuse

Health issues

Troubling work relationships

Job stress

Adjustments to major life changes

Relationship problems

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How the process works

We follow a proven four step process, designed to give you the services you and your employees need to succeed:


Pre Implementation Meeting


Implementation Services


Program Maintenance


Convenient Counseling Services