Advantages for employees are common among most EAP’s

Advantages for employees are common among most EAP’s

Immediate Assistance

EAP’s work towards a rapid response to employee problems or challenges. Businesses receive a 24-hour hot-line for their employees to use if they experience concerns at home or on the job. For example, a worker who is experiencing
issues with problematic coworkers can expect that intervention into the difficulty will come in a matter of a day or a few days instead of when management personnel has the opportunity to look into the troubling situation. This sort of fast response is especially helpful within small companies who have little chance to address interpersonal



Knowing that employers will have no record of who uses the EAP or for what reason, gives workers the freedom to voice their concerns with no fear of retribution. The assurance of anonymity increases the employees’ use of the available

Intervention in Personal Problems

Regardless of what specific situation is bothering an employee, an established EAP can be the only lifeline that some workers can access. When a knowledgeable professional can point an employee in the most helpful direction, it creates a win/ win situation. The employee has necessary tools to build a better life, and the employer has a worker who functions at optimal levels. When an Employee Assistance Program is in place, both the company and its employees will benefit from easy access to professional help.

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