Five Essential Elements to Build an Effective Digital Strategy

Five Essential Elements to Build an Effective Digital Strategy

In today’s digital era, an effective digital strategy is absolutely necessary to make your business successful. This article will discuss the five most essential elements needed to develop the best digital marketing strategies 2013.

1. Define your targets:

The first step in developing digital marketing strategies 2013 is to set your objectives. These measurable goals help you in calculating ROI for your digital strategy.

Understanding the products and services offered by your company:
Perform a detailed analysis of your company’s products and services to get a better understanding of what you are offering. Keep thorough checks on your competitor to analyze their web presence, market share, the content they use, for determining the keywords giving them high traffic. This helps in understanding what your customers are looking for and gives you an area to play around. Make sure to develop targets such as % increase in market share, increase in sales volume and subscribers.

Segment your audience by geography, age, type, habits and other traits that seem fit for your industry. Determine the steps they take when looking to purchase a product and create buyer personas to help you build your messaging and content accordingly. Subsequently, determine the best channels and campaign goals.

2. Work closely with the sales team:

Inbound marketing is the new game. Identify the potential leads by evaluating their behavior towards your content. Gear up your sales team and provide them with all the information about your most potential leads. Also, engaging closely with your sales department can help you personalise your content resulting in better revenues.

3. Content is the king

Develop unique and valuable content that reflects your SEO strategy. This will not only be beneficial for your search rankings but will also increase its life cycle. You can use videos, blogs, maps, forums, e-books etc to maximize the campaign results.

4. Run the campaign:

Decide when, how, where and to whom your campaign will be directed to. Work on your budget, channels, and theme and make sure everything is aligned with your initial campaign objectives and goals.

5. Adjust & Monitor

Keep a track and monitor your campaign results. Always be open to feedback to adjust your campaign accordingly.

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