Worst Link Building Myths


Worst Link Building Myths

Link building is basically the process of having good and reputable sites that links and redirects back to your official web-page. Having a good link is not a simple task, and yet it is very critical to your online marketing strategies. Therefore it is very important to know and understand some of the worst link building Myths so that you can get your work done efficiently. These myths include:  Creating too many backlinks will get you penalized by Google. Creating your links will naturally do not attract any penalty.

Search engines administrators understand very well, that linking is a common thing. What is prohibited and can get you banned is building thousands of links in a day, most likely with some automated systems or using robots  You should only get relevant links in the space for your website because other links that are not relevant will not help to improve your search engine, and may even get banned by Google. To be realistic, you should all always strive to get links that belong to the same niche your website, although it will not cause any harm if they originate from a totally different niche. Google can not in any way exercise much control over the incoming links to your website. If this myth happened to be true, then bad people only need to start linking bad sites with their competitors in order to bring them down.  To avoid being penalized for spamming, you should keep changing your keywords. This is absolutely not true. In fact, changing your keywords frequently weakens their strength. Therefore it is advisable to use the same keyword phrase, for every link, and then vary the associated words.  Having one permanent link.

Cyberspace is always dynamic, thus there is nothing permanent. Although some links may be active for a long time, constantly creating new links is the only way to ensure that your rankings stay high.

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